the life of a single parent..

I be driving myself crazy with getting kids dress in the morning, fixing hair, brushing teeth’s, bathing kids, fixing breakfast, packing snacks….ugh I only have two hands.


Its always mom do this, mom do that, mom scratch my ass, mom this, mom that….mom, mom, mom, moooom.

Sometimes I just want to go find a cave and hide in it. Don’t judge me because I know some of you parents would love to hide away from your kids even if it’s just for a couple of minutes.

I burn myself out with just three kids…. 👏 I applaud those with more then three lol. You are super mom or dad all the way.

But sometimes as not only moms but dads too, I think we go a little to far with pleasing and making our kids happy. We have to grow extra arms to satisfy theirs needs because u just can’t do for one child an say to the other siblings “oh i got you later”.

If it was that easy….lol oh man only if. But by the end of the day I’m exhausted, im drained…my love life went down the drain…no I have no more love life.

By the time my baby girl pass out oh best to believe I’m out with her…. Truth be told I think I’m out before she is. But that’s the joy of being a parent right?

Until next time readers 💋


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