dealing with tamtrums

My daughter who is 24 months throws the biggest tantrums I have ever seen. An just so you all know as I am writing this she is throwing one right now which gave me an idea to write this blog.


Im not use to temper tantrums because my two oldest boys never behaved the way she do so I’m a little caught off guard. I tell her to eat her food and the screams start and the falling to the ground begins and the hitting.

Now at times I use to give in to her tantrums and pick her up, give her a sippy cup to make her be quiet but now its like she does it because she knew I would give in an give her what she wants.

So I started finding other ways to take the tantrum by force…lol just kidding I started to ignore.

Now I know some of y’all might say “that’s mean” “don’t do that” but guess what? It works.

I stopped picking her up, I stop giving her sippy cups, I stop feeding into her wants and started to gain control.

She knows if I’m not watching her, their is no need for her to act out because she do not have my attention….. An guess what? She stops and walks away an go play or eat her food.

I’ve learn to have self control over the screaming, crying, Tasmanian devil. Don’t allow your child to gain control over you. I am MOM and I am in charge.

And as I come to the ending of my blog my baby girl stop crying 😊 yes I will pat myself on the back. Thank you thank you 💪👏👏👏


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